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Commercial Washing Services



Add Value To Your Property

A clean image boosts value. Our trained and certified technicians are experts in handling the many surfaces of your commercial property including concrete, asphalt, masonry, garbage areas and more. Our technicians can safely assist with rust and efflo stain removal, grease and oil removal, hydraulic fluid clean-up, moss removal, and more. Trust New Again to help maintain your commercial property.

Environmentally Friendly

Having developed a comprehensive environmental management plane, we provide innvative solutions to minimize the impact on the environment, from using ecowise detergents to reclaiming water.  



We create personalized accounts to maintain your property at the frequency you require and within your budget. Whether you have a small cafe or a large shopping center, with our professional, trained, and certified technicians, you can trust New Again as your image management provider.


We gather all of the required information from you, so we know exactly what you require.

COmpetitive Pricing

We work with you to develop a tailored plan to meet your business needs and budget.

Reliable Service

With our large fleet of mobile washing units, highly trained field team and office staff, we work hard to ensure your requirements are met in a timely manner.  

Safety and Sustainability

Safety, sustainabilty and your peace of mind are our primary concerns. We are Licensed, Insured, and Bonded. We have developed a comprehensive environmental managemant plan to minimize our impact on the environment and local waterways.
From the safety of your people and property to the safety of the environment to the safety of our team, you can rest assured that New Again is making a difference.


Commercial Pricing

We will work with you to come up with a solution. Commercial pricing is typically based on your budget and unique requirements, and whether you require on going maintenance or 1 time services. Maintenance agreements are often much lower than hiring us at our hourly rates noted below.

Our crews are available hourly with a 2 hour minimum charge. The hourly rate includes a truck and state of the art washing equipment, as well as any chemicals required for the service (fuel, degreasers, sodium hypochlorite, acids etc.) Our preferred clients (those on maintenance agreements) recieve a signifiacntly discounted hourly rate. Ask our about our maintenance agreements today.

The hourly rate does not include additional products or specialized equipment (Aerial lifts/sweeper scrubbers/ etc.) or removal of debris from site:

Truck with 1 person:
$200/hr (2 hour minimum)
4 hours: $720
8 hours: $1540

Truck with team of 2:
$350/hr (2 hour minimum)
4 hours $1260
8 hours $2520